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From The Desk Of Aaron Danker
Creator Of The No Money System.

Dear Friend,

It's not very often that I spend $600 to have videos created for me.
It's not very often that I spend $300 to have someone summarize the videos.
It's not very often that I spend $50 for a testimonial either.
Nor, do I often spend so much time preparing for a website.

So what's my point?

I lot of care and effort was put into making the No Money System and I'm sure it shows. If you haven't seen this product yet, you can see the main sales page here.

Has it paid off?..

You bet! This project has been one of the most successful products I've ever created and I intend on bringing more out to this standard. In fact people have been asking me for Master Resell Rights to this product ever since it came out. At first I was reluctant to do so because it's not the best feeling to 'give' something away after you've put so much into it.

However time has passed and I
have been giving it some serious thought..

I have decided to pass on Master Resell Rights to this product and make it available to the public - not just privately because I believe both of us can benefit from this.

1. You get a very high quality in-demand product in the 'make money' niche. You don't have to be an expert yourself, you simply become the middle man (or middle woman) providing the goods. And because this home study training course is so thorough, precise and well-explained, your customer emails will be kept to an absolute minimum.

2. You make 100% profit on every sale you make. No this is not an affiliate program nor do I get an cut in your profits, in fact I've set up an affiliate program for you! More on this later.

3. I make money by selling Master Resell Rights. Obviously I'm not going to give this product away and there will be a small one-off fee for it, but that's just to re-coop my time and investment on this product. We'll come to pricing in a minute.

This is what you get with the
Master Resell Rights package..

1. Your own sales page which you can completely edit yourself. Please excuse the low quality image as I've had to compress this for faster viewing!


2. Your own download page that allows your customers to download all videos and transcript in one go, or view online. Perfect for membership scripts!


3. Your own affiliate resources page! This is what most resell rights products don't give you either because a) the product is of low quality and no one would want to promote it or b) they're just too pain lazy :)

Your affiliate page will be complete with autoresonders, banners and much more and the cool one-click button script allows your affiliates to easily pick what they want and copy it into their own website for fast promotions!

You could set up your own affiliate program with ClickBank, PayDotCom or any of the other 100s of affiliate networks. It really doesn't matter. As long as you have a solid product that sells and promotional tools for your affiliates, you're laughing to the bank!


4. And not forgetting the videos themselves! In total there are 30 videos lasting around 5 hours. Each one follows on to the next and have been recorded at a high resolution. Believe me the quality is definitely there and the price to make those videos is well worth it! Not only that, but I'll include a full transcript of all the videos into 1 PDF file. This is great for your customers as they can flick back to certain elements in the course and learn at their own pace rather than going through all the videos to find a piece of info.

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Invest In One Of The Best And Most Affordable Master Resell Right Product Available Today!

I don't think I need to say any more. The product speaks for itself and if you've made it down here you're already on the right track to building up your digital empire!

No one else will offer you that same kind of quality and resources that I'm about to hand to you. No one else would go through so much effort and then give it all away. Call me crazy but I truely believe in giving back. I've made my fair share of money with this product (and still doing so) and now it's your turn.

Simply scroll down, read the terms and click the Buy button and I'll forward you to the download page!

Grab Master Resell Rights Now For A One-Time Payment Of Only $97! $27!

License Agreement

The license agreement is here to protect you as a owner and other owners to ensure that all products keep their true value. Please read and understand before selling.

[YES] Can sell Personal Rights
[YES] Can sell Basic Resell Rights
[YES] Can sell Master Resell Rights
[NO] Can sell Private Label Rights

[YES] Can edit the sales page and put your name on it
[YES] Can be sold in an eBook store if sold seperately
[YES] Can completely edit all autoresponders
[YES] Can be sold for suggested price of $47 or higher
[YES] Can be sold for minimum of $9.99
[YES] Can be added to paid membership sites
[YES] Can add up to 2 bonuses to the product

[NO] Can claim original ownership of the site or product
[NO] Can be sold in auction sites
[NO] Can be sold in firesales or mass bundle deals
[NO] Can edit the original product and/or graphics
Can sell the autoresponders seperately

Note: A copy of the license agreement has been added in the package. Please pass this on to your customers if selling basic or master resell rights to your customers. Thank you in advance for respecting these terms.

Best Regards,
Aaron Danker.
Creator Of The No Money System.

P.S. That's it! You get a high quality product ready to start raking sales like never before, your own affiliate page, banners, emails and the confidence that you will have an additional income stream for many more years to come!

P.P.S. At only $27 for Master Resell Rights, it's a steal! Think of how much you would have to spend just to get someone to create the videos for you, write up a sales page, or create the fancy graphics.. it really is a no brainer! If you're not completely happy just ask for a refund! You simply cannot go wrong! Order now!


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